The meaning bScreen Shot 2017-09-29 at 11.56.08 AM.pngehind the land of misfit toys, and how events in my life have paired it with our current generation (millennials -present) goes back five years ago. Read as much, or as little as you’d like, the next few paragraphs simply give you a glimpse into my past, and the meaning behind The Land of Misfit Toys.

2012 was the first time my heart was ever shattered, not once, but consecutively over the span of four months. The first girl I ever loved left me, my Granny and Uncle both passed away and my wrist fractured into a million pieces. By telling you this I am not seeking pity, all I can hope for is to relate to other misfits of our generation. The memories above caused me to spiral into a deep depression resulting in me dropping out of school. Anyone who has ever been profoundly depressed understands how the whole world becomes heavy, as though no matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to get out of bed and to live a “normal” life.

For a long time there was a repetitive cycle where I barely knew the difference from one day, to the next. The best way I can describe it is through a song called Tomorrow Is Today by Billy Joel.¬† In the song he says, “I don’t care to know the hour ’cause its passing anyway. I don’t care to see tomorrow because I saw it yesterday.” It was as though the days and hours blurred into one, and no matter what you do, nothing seems to break the endless pattern, so, I stopped trying. One day, eight months later, my father intervened in a firm, but well needed talking to. As a result I got up out of bed and decided that it was time I went back to school.

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As September approached, I enrolled in a continuing education centre not far from my house. There I met a man, a teacher, who rekindled my curiosity in everyday life. From sparking my interest in reading novels, to being interested in different cultures, travel, investment, pre-history and law, just to name a few. Although this specific teacher made my time there a milestone in my life, he called the school; the land of misfit toys. To me, it seemed like a perfect description of my generation; a place full of people who are lost in one way or another and don’t know there place in the world. College graduates working at your local fast food chains, ¬†others with bachelor degrees working in your local factory because they can’t find a job, or the medical technician working three different part time jobs because no where will hire them full time. Currently I am a college graduate who has been unemployed for over four months, I have applied to over twenty different jobs, and am feeling like a misfit toy

In The Generation Of Misfit Toys, I will be blogging about other people’s misfit stories, thoughts and opinions, as well as my own. If you would like to have your story shared, you can contact me at;

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